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The Land

  • 15 acres of wall-free land.
  • 20 miles south of Eagle Pass, and 100 miles north of Laredo
  • 0.6 miles of unobstructed access to Mexico
  • Home to a wide range of ecology, including 4 endangered species
  • Flat, undeveloped land. Great for walls.
  • Clean title. Easements for cattle grazing

We're fundraising to buy 15 acres of prime Rio Grande shorefront in South Texas. Our location is one of the more "unguarded" areas of the border despite being between two major flashpoints: Rio Grande Valley & Del Rio. Climate change (a hoax, of course) has contributed to the Rio Grande river drying up significantly in our area. The near permanent drought like conditions have made wading across it exceptionally easy.

This land of mine

South Texas has the perfect setting to kick off our little adventure in obstructionism. Not only does the border area have an ambiguous relationship to Trump, the overwhelming local opinion of federal government eminent domain is negative. In 2015, a University of Texas poll found that 58% of Texans had an "unfavorable" opinion of the federal government, compared to only 22% in favor. Texas's general "anti-federal" attitude can be useful for us when challenging the legality of a potential government seizure.